Oh, flyer delivery.

As someone who did this when I was a kid, it’s seriously one of the worst jobs out there from a pay-for-effort basis. No wonder I knew people who’d just toss their stuff from time to time instead of delivering things nobody wanted anyway.

If anything, it made me more willing to do pretty much anything. Even when I worked in fast food, it was still way better than flyers – sure it was more work, but I was actually getting paid a decent wage for doing stuff. Compared to flyer delivery, when you spend 30 mins to an hour sorting, then an hour or so to deliver, and then tack on all the transit time to and from your destination. And then you get very little because they pay PER FLYER.

And then, of course, there’s the fact that I completely attribute that minor phobia I have of dogs to those canines on my route that would ALWAYS bark when I got anywhere near their house, even if the dogs were out of sight. I LOATHE having this irrational reflexive fear that I have to suppress.

Good character building job, but that’s about it.