Yeah, yeah.

I know that I said Tuesday’s was gonna be the last one in this storyarc.

But then I got an idea based on that blasted warrantless internet spying legislation making the rounds now.

Seriously, C-30 and its American equivalent are horrible, horrible laws. You know a law’s bad when they’re using fighting child pornographers as an excuse to get it passed.

So yeah, Americans. Fingers crossed your electorate doesn’t fall for it, like how us Canadians saw through that bunk pretty darn quick and forced it into committee earlier than usual (which means it’ll probably get pretty broad changes, given how the dislike for the law goes across the electorate’s political spectrum).

And even more fingers crossed you turf that idiot Lamarr Smith. The dude’s a friggin’ parasite, jumping on top of stuff and sucking it dry.

No, no, wait. Dr. Kleiner’s pet headcrab was neutered…. that comparison’s not even valid. And I’m not gonna even try a Hedy Lamarr (both Harvey Korman’s and the actual person) comparison here.