And we’re back to the present day.

Or rather, we’re back to the present day set sometime last summer in the sliding timeline. I think that since “Barred” began, in story-related comics less than 48 hours have actually passed, if I’m counting correctly.

Where all the other one-shot comics that are clearly based on current events slot in, however…. well, I’m pretty sure they’re all technically set AFTER this one. Though admittedly, the ministory involving Mew’s legion and Nigeria could well be set during this storyline, concurrently – at present nothing contradicts this idea in my head.

And as for why Doetan and Shiels are there? Well, let’s face it – they had to arrive SOMETIME. Otherwise that just smacks of a dangling, abandoned thread. And just because a thread APPEARS to be abandoned doesn’t necessarily mean it actually is, in my book.