Some spoilers for GI Joe Retaliation in here, admittedly.

Which is a fun movie if you’re a GI Joe fan. Ninja action that borrows HEAVILY from Larry Hama stuff, awesome vehicles and gunfights, COBRA being COBRA, the Commander acting like the Commander, kickass interpretations of Firefly and Roadblock, Jonathan Pryce having a TON of fun onscreen as President Zartan…

I’m glad we’re getting a sequel. It’s not a perfect movie, no, but it sure as hell is a fun one.

And yeah, seriously. Just look at some of the past peace prize winners. Pacifism is NOT a requirement to win the prize by a long shot.

(Meanwhile as I watch this Picard and Soran are having a sissy fistfight in Star Trek Generations, and Troi just proved why she should have never been allowed to earn command┬áprivileges┬áback in Season 7. And ooo – ribbon thing coming to suck up Malcolm McDowell!)