So yeah. The whole prelude section is basically why this comic exists.

And indeed, this is a poorly conceived rewrite of this comic. As for my actual thoughts on this whole Star Wars thing, well, I’d say I’m cautiously optimistic at this point. The way I read it, Lucas was looking to retire anyway, and figured he’d hand off the property to people who would do a good job keeping it relevant for future generations.

And let’s face it – Disney’s quite good at that. (Except when it comes to their own mascot, mind, who’s been bland for decades, but still.) It’ll be interesting to see what comes of this new body of Star Wars work – if it bombs, we can ignore it as fans, and  if it succeeds then we can laud it. But let’s face it – the Star Wars formula of awesome space battles, superpowers, and lasersword fights is one that’s so popular, even Star Trek kinda ripped it off for their latest film.

As for Sam Logan, who is referenced here, he draws the far superior and more-interesting-than-my-own webcomic, Sam and Fuzzy. Met him at Edmonton Expo the other week, bought his books, and then got hooked straightaway and was archive-diving in very short order to read his whole back catalog. Seriously, it’s a quality webcomic with ninjas, vampires, talking bears, and all sorts of nuts hijinks, and if you aren’t reading it you’re missing out on something awesome.

(Also, I’m assuming he doesn’t mind some guy he doesn’t know cameoing him in a comic.)