For the sake of not dating this comic too too much, I’m gonna refrain from explicitly coming out and saying just who/what this comic is referencing.

I will say a few things, however:

1. Panel 3 has an almost direct quote from one of their ACTUAL RESPONSES to this issue.

2. It’s the same entity as in this comic.

3. As of posting this, my own credit card has yet to have shown indications of being compromised. But many others weren’t so lucky. Seriously, the fact that the unnamed entity here has adopted this general rhetoric really says a lot.

Oh, and oh yeah – the story-in-progress will resume next week.

UPDATE: And it looks like they finally did send out an email. That is, an email that says “Yo, check out this post on credit card security we put on our site, that we’re sending everyone since people started bugging us about it (and we couldn’t keep up banning them on our Facebook fanpage forever).” ┬áNowhere in the email does it warn about the problem at hand.