Did I just update, or did I just update?!?!?

That said, in terms of where this fits into canon, given that this seems to just interrupt the main storyline I was running before the hiatus…

TECHNICALLY, this takes place after that entire storyarc. After all, that whole storyline is still taking place a few months ago, and at least one character here is currently tied up in that story. I very much had a case where the only way to make the joke would be to heavily retool it or to place it later in the timeline such that it avoids spoiling the ending to said arc.

But quite honestly, before I resume that I need to ease myself back in to comic making. So expect a few less serious comics, all of which are going to probably  take place canonically after the in-progress aforementioned storyarc.

With any luck, I’ll be able to make this delay a distant memory.

Oh, and as one last aside, related to the comic itself…. man, this concept went through a few iterations. This is probably the least risque of all that I was bouncing around.