Well this was an unintentionally late update, and a stark reminder of why I don’t Marvel Method much anymore. (Except, of course, on 24 hour comics, but those are a pretty different beast.)

Knowing what you want the strip to convey, but struggling to figure out how to convey it is a pain that results in sitting in front of a screen for a few hours in frustration. And then you throw out the original dialogue concept, go with a VERY different conversation than initially conceived, and end up with a clearer picture of where stuff’s going, so woohoo now.

It’s nuts just how much this story is changing as I retell it; in the end I suspect most of this is gonna end up being new material. Hell, I’m on page 13 of a 24 page comic and I haven’t printed the 9th page yet,  while I’ve dropped other preexisting pages.

As for the contents of this comic itself, meditations on godhood/responsible application of power/liberty vs controlled are something I’ve been doing for ages, and the subject continues to fascinate me. No system is perfect; for every point there is a counter point, and it’s fun to construct ideologies for characters based around their worldviews/experience.