That’s right! At LONG LAST, I’ve finally deigned to post a new comic update!

…and really, I don’t have much of an excuse for the long delay. A mix in not getting around to drawing new pages + Heroes of the Storm + Star Wars Battlefront + SO MUCH GOOD TV ON THESE DAYS.

Hell, not even doing a quick Christmas doodle this year is depressing as hell to think about.

As is pretty evident in this update, too, I’ve been playing around with artstyle. Actually goes back further than my last hiatus; I’m not sure how much is going to immediately migrate into the comic yet.

Also evident here is that this isn’t a Wednesday update, but a Tuesday one. Which is purely a case of me looking back at how the original intent of moving updates to Wednesday/Saturday for the sake of planning around my shows ended up actually doing nothing to help my productivity.

For now, the aim is to do consistent Tuesday updates. And then go from there.