Seriously, people. At this rate, SOPA’s gonna pass. Because legislators are morons.

In case you’re curious, that said – no, I don’t actually have a physical list. But the basic blueprint of “if this is something I would do to maintain power as a global dictator” does hold.

Honestly, what the US needs is to elect somebody who PLEDGES to look for and abuse all legal loopholes. With the idea being to force Congress to actually close said loopholes in the law.

It’s bad enough NDAA got passed, given that legislation, though it SHOULD be routine stuff, had a little itty bitty provision tacked on to it that lets the US government detain anybody indefinitely. Even if they’re citizens.

But that trainwreck of a bill, SOPA, is something that is the US attempting to unilaterally hand control of the internet over to large companies who can then impose their whims on it without needing to go through full judicial channels. All in the name of stopping foreign infringement.

(Which, of course, it won’t. All it’s going to do is make criminals out of people and institute a China-style blacklist, thus telling the world it’s okay to muck around with the internet however they want…..)

But I disgress. Americans? Phone your Congressmen. Write them. Make it ABUNDANTLY clear that you do NOT want this passed. They’re trying to fast-track this thing without any real analysis – heck, they’ve even attempted to avoid bringing in actual tech experts to testify, going for the content providers instead – and the only reason it isn’t law at this point is because of a few elected officials who actually understand the full implications of this should it go into law. Realize that most of these elected officials have no understanding of how the Internet works and why DNS blocking by the US is such a horrible idea.

(Heck – Visa and Mastercard both think SOPA’s bad. Google does. So do Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and ANY website that could potentially be suddenly liable for what their users post and risk having their websites yanked off the internet with no oversight and their accounts frozen).

….anyway. It’s late, I’m starting to repeat myself again and again, and I’m powerless to do anything about it but will be affected by it. Forget any censorship stuff, this is a direct assault on the sovereignty of any other country that uses the Internet for commerce and leisure.


As for the comic itself. I don’t have an official list per say, but the general rule does stand. If some piece of legislation would help me consolidate power and rule, it’s probably a bad idea to pass it. Although it’s true that one of the big obstacles re: wanting to rule the world is that the retirement plan for dictators has been pretty lousy of late, even for the less despotic ones.