This conversation actually happened. I’m not bothering to check the chat logs for accuracy, mind, but it happened.

I’m that stupid so as to never actually go back to the church after Riddler stuck his giant banners up all over it. So thus, I was mystified how I was getting no Riddler hints when I entered areas, stuff that looked like riddle solutions wasn’t scanning in, and then I couldn’t figure out how to ID Riddler goons so I could take them out.

As it turns out, you need to actually go and start the riddle side mission by going back to the church. Which you can do whenever. It’s just that if you do it after you’ve beaten the main missions already, well….. yeah. Then you have 400 riddles or so to find.

Incidentally, Arkham City for PC is amazing. Makes me want a newer graphics card to get better visuals. (Though given their DirectX 11 implementation is completely broken, I’m in no hurry). But yeah. Great game. Good story, great voice casting (Maurice LaMarche is AMAZING as Mr. Freeze. Great range, and then the helmet goes down and suddenly it’s TAS Freeze!)

The game really feels like the spiritual successor to the DCAU. Probably because Paul Dini wrote the story, and Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are in it, mind. And all the lore tidbits and the comic tie-in really flesh out this universe we’ve only seen in two games, and make me want to play even more games in the series.

Also, the big improvement over the original? Varied boss fights. The Titan goons that made up most of the boss fights in the original are now relegated to minibosses thrown in during groups of goons.

So yeah. Buy the game.