Regarding this strip.

As some of you know, my stated opinions on the Star Wars edits are best articulated in this comic.

But screw that, I’m pretty darn pissed at that addition of the “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” in RotJ. And I’m someone who didn’t have a huge problem with “Greedo Shot First”. (Which admittedly is ENTIRELY related to the fact that the Special Editions were the time I remember the most for watching Star Wars).

Heck – I was NOT ACTUALLY AWARE of the existence of the two songs in ROTJ that they replaced – I figured that “Jedi Rocks” was just a straight-up insert, and had no clue “Yub Yub” actually existed.

So regarding the Blu-Rays. Will I buy them? I’ll admit Topless Robot’s FAQ made me slightly more interested in owning the set, which I was gung-ho on UNTIL that “NOOOOOOOOOOO” edit. So my official position right now is that I will not spend my OWN money on them (in other words, it’s a strong gift hint given Birthday/Christmas season is coming up).

On a lighter note, Jellyman’s a character that I haven’t used in AGES, primarily because I don’t actually know where my legal ownership standing on the character is at this point in time (so I’ve deliberately avoided using him all this time.)