So, Tekno finally weighed in on DC’s “New 52”.

Though I’m admittedly not a big Marvel/DC reader, and despite hating this reboot on the principle of being a continuity nazi, I picked up a number of these books.

Honestly though, I don’t know how successful this is gonna be for DC in the long haul – I’m probably gonna not continue most of these past a few months. There’s a few I dig so far, but others that I don’t.

For that matter, the “Mister Terrific is awesome” that Mew expresses in the comic? Totally genuine. I’m not quite sure what it is I love about the character, but the fact he’s very Mary-Sueish (I didn’t make up any of that background) is something that just hit me like a ton of bricks, and actually makes me enjoy him more conceptually.

I’ll also admit there’s a Doctor Who reference in issue 1 that I loved, mind. But I loved Mister Terrific even before this reboot, given the old costume from JSA is awesome, he’s got the Tmask, Tspheres, the whole Golden Age cheesinessly awesome elements with the “Fairplay” logos…. it’s REALLY hard for me to rationalize why I find him as awesome as I do.

But yeah. Long and short of it, Wonder Woman was good, Action Comics was pretty awesome, Batgirl, Batman, and Green Lantern were good reads too, Mister Terrific was alright, and I don’t quite like Ressurection Man or Batwoman – they’ll be the first ones I cull.

…in other comic related news, also tried the new Ultimate Spider-Man. And this concept has potential, I have to say. After all, I imagine people like Dan DiDio and Geoff Johns were pretty pissed when their favorite Silver Age heroes got replaced with new, younger, well-rounded characters, and we all know how they grew to prominence and….. never mind.

All joking aside though, it’s a new take on Spider-Man. And he’s NOT a carbon copy either – Bendis seems to be giving him a completely different powerset from what I can tell so far. Rather than it just being “Black/Latino Spidey”, it really does feel like this character is gonna be different enough to stand out.