And hey, it’s an update that’s only running a few weeks behind!

…yeah, failure on my part here. Started writing a strip, and kept hitting script blocks. Then after awhile once I had that all sorted, just getting the motivation to finish this was hard enough.

I’m reminded of that amazing gag in “The Office” re: Michael Scott doing improv classes – as someone who used to do that stuff back in the day (and seriously it’s fun as hell) I’ve always loved seeing when comedy writers make in-jokes re: dos and don’ts and improv tropes. For instance, how you don’t do something like pull out a gun in the scene out of nowhere, because one person forcing a new direction disrupts the creative flow and grinds everyone to a halt.

(So naturally Michael Scott pulls a gun in every scene he’s in, because of course he does, making him the worst scene partner ever)

Anyway, that’s kinda what I do with my own narratives – I get ambitious, I pull the gun, and suddenly my momentum screeches because as much as I’m inspired, I then have to actually WRITE the damn scene as well as the scenes that follow it/set up the next scene. And I’ve basically boxed myself into a bit of a creative difficulty of “I know a ton of stuff but anyone reading this doesn’t necessarily have the entire universe living in their head.”

So yeah, enjoy, and I’ll try and keep this better on track.