FINALLY, I’ve got the relevant piece of character background out there. Took me long enough.

Time to retroactively tag these strips with the appropriate character tag. I’ve been deliberately withholding doing so until I actually put the intended implication/concept to text.

And now I can start sharing some of the central concepts I had in mind when I revived the comic and was starting to think about how to go about it without bogging myself down in my established canon. Initially, the image in my head that I gravitated to was, in fact, an adult version of Sarah, done up in some sort of rebel commander space piratey getup.

Then I decided “let’s just skip past all of that stuff”, and kept her aged up.

To date, Sarah’s largely had a minor C-list role in the strip, though she has a notable bank of prior appearances. Bringing her to the fore was, in fact, on my mind for years now whenever I went back to the idea of reviving this thing – the general concept of “timeskip” has been on my mind for ages now, though it didn’t always involve stasis. She’s a character who predates her induction into this strip by a number of years, having initially come up with the primary version of her for a different story concept I’ll probably never get around to writing.

The prior strip to this one, incidentally (which any readers may have missed given it got posted minutes before last Friday ended for me) was one that was on my mind conceptually since relaunching. And this entire storyline kinda grew out of my feeling I needed to properly set concepts up first, as I considered the large implications of the timeskip methodology I was going to be employing.

Main reason I haven’t tagged her companion here yet, that said, has nothing to do with any sort of dramatic reveal, and everything to do with the fact that I still haven’t settled on a character name…