Can you tell I’m venting here? 😛

True story: I had a feeling as I drew this comic the stuff I’d been waiting for in the mail would get here right after I’d finished drawing.

Sure enough, the next day my grievances were resolved.

Seriously, I think some of you can guess what I’m referencing here, and for those who can’t, I see no need to fill you in. As quite honestly, this was clearly a comic born of some degree of temporary frustration.

Long story short, the party in question did some stupid decisions, but I’d argue their shipper was just as much to blame. I know international shipping can take forever, but it should never take that long from the US to Canada, even with slow mail. This isn’t shipping from Canada to Australia here (I’ve done this, and regretted not spending the extra cash on tracking to give myself peace of mind. Took a couple months for that to arrive 🙁 )

…retroactively, it occurs to me this sorta also applies to something else I’d ordered of late that hadn’t come after a couple of months. Contacted the seller, and as it turns out the one I’d sent out was in a bad batch that was lost in shipping, and if I’d been reading the thread on the message boards I’d have known to contact him sooner :P. So that’s resolved already.

More importantly though, yes, Breeze is in jail. No, that wasn’t a one-off gag. Yes, this is going somewhere. No, I have no clue when I’ll get to that part of the story, knowing my slow-going pace.