There. Updated.

I’d love to say “so there’s a story about this”, except there really isn’t a good one. I started in on a filler-style project that I knew would need extra work right when I left for a vacation, hit writer’s block trying to make the original followup couplet of pages work, then got back, didn’t do much, finally brainstormed a story rework I was happy with, and eventually sat down to draw new artwork.

What you’re seeing here is in fact mostly new stuff, with some reuse from the original 24 hour comic mixed in. Hell, the whole spinal column of this story has been replaced behind the scenes and as such I’m gonna be needing to graft  a bunch of new stuff to it.

I’ve got another few pages in the works, so hopefully the next update won’t take too too long to post.

(Also, yeah, I’m kinda going back on my “keeping this completely barebones” approach, as one can probably tell. Will need to go back and retrofit the pages I finalized on vacation to accomodate stuff like the hair recoloring/effect backgrounds at some point.)