Short update tonight, on account of still reworking this scene + being super busy on the weekend cavorting with fellow readers and writers at When Words Collide. (Which was, as always a fantastic con, and also, as always, has further bloated my reading list/reminded me of things I need to get better at doing writingwise.)

But I’m trying to get into the habit of posting SOMETHING on my supposed update days at the very least, rather than wait for the next page to get planned/inked.

Last thing I guess I’ll touch on before I head off to go sleep is “my working out Scorchbert 45’s entrance was tricky as hell, given having a small robot lizard thing look imposing/commanding isn’t easy.” I love his design and his typical means of locomotion, but it really doesn’t serve the type of camera shot I wanted superwell. (And so, tail spiderlegs thus double as a┬ápropeller and the crisis is solved!)