Wait what’s this? A new comic? HOW CAN THIS BE

seriously though woot woot I FINALLY drew something new comicwise! And this is also the first one I did most of the work for on my (new-as-of-this-year) Surface. Been doing a lot of art practice on the thing and yeah it’s pretty nice tech! (Only thing I didn’t do was the backgrounds, and that’s more because I’m rushing to get this thing done for Oct 31 and I need to get some sleep.)

I’ve been doing a lot of art style refining too incidentally – noticeable here with how Mew’s digit count has changed for the first time since, well, I turned three fingers into two fingers and a thumb. (which honestly has historically been a PAIN to draw). I should really update Technoraptor designs too sometime; they’ve got the big obstacle to them mind of “the design needs to accommodate a specific raptor’s design.”

Anyhoo, I can’t say I know when the next comic will be. But I definitely have ideas; just a matter of actually drawing them.

As for the actual costumes, given it’s not necessarily obvious – Nova Prime, not-a-Minion, Thrawn, and Lina Inverse. The first and last panels being the main genesis of this strip given I’ve been watching Slayers of late and since we got a proper official Nova Prime toy I wanted to draw Mew dressed as him like I did over a decade ago now.