And so, the comic is FINALLY done.

This took way longer than I planned to do.

But this is more-or-less a blow-by-blow of all my issues getting Mass Effect 3 to run. Not including the additional 4 hours I spent debugging the aforementioned save issue the next day before I remembered how to fix it.

Now, once I got the game working? Incredible, save for that one part that many others don’t like. But that’s another story for another day.

Or, rather, for after the filler I’m going to start running next week is over.


And for anyone curious about what my problem ended up being? The one I alluded to at the end that I had in Mass Effect 2 as well?

Well, as it turns out, if you map your “My Documents” folder to a drive letter, like I do, the game does some weird stuff, like being unable to create the folder that the game saves live in for that character. It can save into the folder once it’s there, but actually creating the original folder/base files? Good luck with that, unless you remap your My Documents to something that’s NOT a drive letter, start the game, make a character, save, then change everything back and move around files appropriately.