So yeah. This actually bloody happened.

On Wednesday, they announced out of the blue that GI Joe Retaliation, due out at the end of June, was getting shelved until March 2013. So that they could add bloody THREE-DEE to the film. (At least, that’s the official story, which I doubt.)

And I feel I should point out that the director, Jon Chu, not only has experience FILMING IN 3D, but didn’t do that in the first place because of how much it costs to actually pull off 3D when making a movie.

Which means all that marketing cash, which included a Superbowl ad, was all wasted. And that the toyline, which was just starting to show up in stores in the US, and which had actually been rushed into production in the first place so it could launch alongside the film, now has no tie-in media. Which means pissed retailers. Which may well mean that GI Joe as a brand gets closer to the total death that’s been looming over it for awhile, given the main fanbase is the adult collectors.

Yeah, I’m understandably upset. And given the film was pretty much done before this happened, I have to wonder if it’ll get leaked by somebody online.