Seriously, my commitment to Fillertime is sorta insane. Given that I’m probably gonna end up drawing a half-dozen new pages. And this one was giving me writer’s block.

On a different note, I got the oppurtunity today to finally watch a VERY interesting documentary I recommend all you animation fans look for – “The Sweatroom”. It’s a rare look into the behind-the-scenes process at Disney of making an animated feature, which ONLY got made because it was in Sting’s contract to let his wife to it when he wrote the songs for “The Emperor’s New Groove”… or should I say, as it was called at the time, “Kingdom of the Sun”.

Why the namechange? And why does Sting have all those unused songs on the soundtrack? The two are connected indeed…

Given it never got a release outside of a VERY pared down version on the DVD, and a weeklong local screening (Disney didn’t want this released, given it’s chronicling one of the biggest film mid-track shakeups in their history), you’ll have to hunt to find it in all the usual places.

Or find it on YouTube here if the link’s still active: