Pseudorationalization loopholes are fun.

Though I’ll be honest. It’s sorta amusing, “revealing” designs that I did a year ago when I originally drew the original 12 pages (of which I’ve only printed the cover so far).

I’m curious if I’ll get to the real pages in next week’s updates. I suspect I’ll need two more filler pages or so before I start actually running the old story material.

(Whatever the case, I hope I get to them soon. Given I’ve got an impending vacation, and I’ll need the filler.)

Meanwhile, on a completely unrelated tangent…. Transformers Prime Bluray set? Pretty freaking amazing. The quality on this show is phenomenal. Of course, I say this while I meanwhile have the first 3 seasons of Clone Wars chilling out on my shelf on Bluray, unwatched aside from the time I lent them out to someone.

Seriously, between shows I need to rewatch, current shows, stuff on Netflix I need to start or finish, and various other things here and there, I’ve got an insane list of things to watch right now.