And so another Fillertime! session begins, with a return to the Tweet Titans universe!

Like the previous Tweet Titans comic, this was drawn originally as part of one of Happy Harbor Comics’ 12 Hour Comic Challenges, and then touched up digitally on my PC to add some color/legible dialog. And also like the previous one, it features three things that were drawn from a hat worked into the story.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find my originals at this particular time, which would have had this information noted down (Pretty sure I picked them up last year, but maybe not), so I can’t enlighten you on what these three things were. But one of them was wrestling- that much I do recall.

Anyway, while I run all 12 pages of this, expect a M-W-F update schedule until the filler runs its course in 4 weeks’ time. Then it’ll be back to the usual update schedule.