Well, I figured I’d post tonight’s comic early. After all, the few of you who read this will all be playing Mass Effect 3 by the time it would autopost on Tuesday, anyhow.

Never mind, of course, that the only reason it’s done already is because I’ll be playing Mass Effect 3 as soon as it unlocks for me tonight.

For the record, the destroyed cityscape in panel 1? It’s downtown Edmonton. After all, as Bill Watterson once said (in the Calvin and Hobbes 10th Anniversary Edition), specific is funnier. (Plus, given Bioware’s from Edmonton, like myself, it only seemed appropriate to blow up that city due to Reaper assault of all the cityscapes I could use.)

And as you may have guessed, this comic’s my commentary on the whole Mass Effect 3 marketing campaign. I have an obvious problem with the idea of charging a bunch of godlike beings and expecting to defeat them, as is depicted in the trailers. Heck – even that shot in the launch trailer with a whole flotilla bearing down on the Reaper armada bugs me.

In the first game, the whole Citadel defense fleet was powerless to stop Sovereign. Only reason they won? Magical plot device – that being, Shepard distracting Sovereign’s conciousness to the point his defenses were sufficiently weakened. So a larger fleet against hundreds of Reapers? Yeah, that’ll be about as effective as the entire Cybertronian race fighting Unicron en masse. Or all the armies of any planet trying to stop Galactus. Unless you have your Matrix or your Ultimate Nullifier, you don’t stand a chance.

But I disgress. Mass Effect 3. Bioware plots. Awesome stuff. So have a great time taking the fight to the Reapers!

Just don’t forget your magical plot device along the way.