And so, the comic continues with all new pages, plus some exposition relevant to the comic at hand.

And as an aside, it’s interesting drawing with the page size that I use…. namely, because though I REALLY like working with that size and have an auto-bordermaker I made to do page margins properly/uniformly size my pages, and though it actually just happens to work out pretty much perfectly for my fairly standard 3:2 comic size ratio….

Well, my bloody scanner doesn’t fit these page sizes.

All the predrawn pages were scanned by Jay (or someone else who works at) Happy Harbor, so I don’t have to worry about that. But with these, I’m having to scan these a couple of times just to make sure I get all my panels on the page.

Mind, the fact I draw large is interesting enough as is, given I draw FAR better small, but you can’t reproduce small well at all.

Thank you for bearing with the preceding rant about stuff that most (if any) of you won’t give a crap about. Assuming any of you actually read this thing.

(On that note, if you actually DO read this thing, post a comment and let me know, so I know if these comics are visible enough or not!)