Well, it figures.

No sooner did I start prepping these pages of mine for filler usage that I got to thinking about the flaws in the story.

Namely, the fact that, without preamble, I drop the reader in to the middle of stuff that’s going on.

So, instead of doing the smart thing and just running it, what do I do? I decide to DRAW NEW FILLER FOR MY FILLER.

So yeah. As a result, you’re getting a page that took more time to draw on paper than I spent on any other page that’ll get published, purely because I lack the time restraints the others did (plus drew two somewhat complex scenes in two panels). Which means this filler is definitely not going to be only 12 pages.

I suspect it’ll last a week longer than planned. But hey – not all of this is real filler as you’re getting a few pages here and there of fresh content! That’s not so bad at all.